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Work with us

an exciting journey with DdF is waiting for you... 


Every 15th of each month we start a process to select apprentices who: 

    - have passion in Data Science and/or Business domains 

    - know how to deal with pressure 

    - have the patience of a guru 

    - never give up before solving the problem and achieving the goal 

    - have self confidence and sense of responsibility to organize own work 

    - like to be connected over the world and working in diversity

    - have curiosity to explore and research what you don’t know

    - open to different perspectives 

    - can explore concepts, data, ideas with critical thinking but not being critical with others

    - have interest in data chaos, explore possibilities and build narrative 

    - can recognise the moment for listening to learn and also share ideas  

    - have courage to challenge yourself and take calculated risk

    - have own path to keep developing and learning fast


Prerequisite: Intermediate skill in English to read, write, listen, and speak.

    for Data Science Engineer: Basic python and database knowledge

    for Data Science Business Analyst: Basic of data interpretation

Added value: If you know any other language other than English.

*Every batch of apprentice will start with structured learning.

DdF path to learn:

- 6 months long apprenticeship

- weekly 2 hours of instructions and 24/7 in your process

- starting from basic to advanced

- very relevant to practical necessities

- focus on in-depth learning

- problem solving way

- you will learn how to swim in the water


Job Location: Virtual. (If Physical then - Brazil, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)

In the end of 6 months the most passionate, fast learner, team-player will be selected to work with us.

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