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Artificial Intelligence, Less Credit Risk

The pandemic has exacerbated borrowing risks around the world. The slow and uncertain recovery of the economy makes the scenario more complex for trade relations. And the credit market, like almost all economic segments, is in a phase of change, with the adoption of models that will demand new analytical skills.

Once a convenience to gain productivity and ensure the ability to compete in the markets, investments in technology are now more prominent in the list of priorities of financial institutions. In the scenario of changes towards the digital revolution, the advantages of innovations that use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain resources are increasingly evident.

Examples of increased investments in productivity technologies are found in all segments. In Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Commercial Credit and Finance PLC (CCFP) shows that it is aware of the global phenomenon with the beginning of the process of adopting tools to streamline its operational process.

Anticipation is the keyword at the moment. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into its operational process, with a focus on credit score development to assess default risk at the point of origin, was already on the priority schedule of Rajiv Casie Chitty, Chief Operating Officer (COO), when talking with suppliers.

Verification of the previous model offered by Designers of the Future (DdF) and its local office in Sri Lanka, Elon Centureon Pvt ltd, led to the choice of Discovery Credit Intelligence platform. Rajiv Casie Chitty attests that the company's solution, delivered through DdF, developed a customized and intelligent model for predicting credit and default, supporting the company's recovery/collection efforts.

Final preparations

The project is in the final stages of implementation, for launch soon. “We are very excited about the results produced by Discovery Credit Intelligence using the available data,” says the COO. The solution will be used by collection agents and the call center. So far, we have achieved 89.7% prediction accuracy on the test data and we believe that we will achieve an approximate increase of at least 10% in efficiency in the collection operation.

Arian Saddam Hossain, co-founder and CEO of Designers of the Future, believes that, when Discovery Credit Intelligence is fully installed, the performance of the artificial intelligence system will surprise the CCFP executive even more. Traditional models used to calculate risk in loans are outdated. “Two-thirds miscalculate. Artificial intelligence tends to retire traditional methods”, says Arian.

Know more:

Commercial Credit and Finance PLC

The finance company was created on October 4, 1982

Aimed at creating innovative and pioneering products, such as auto credit, microfinance, vehicle leasing, commercial credit, land financing, etc.

It has a diversified base of almost 1 million customers

nearly 120 branches across Sri Lanka


Júlia Ramalho, co-founder and co-CEO of Designers do Futuro, believes it is "an important moment for the deployment of this technology around the world. The credit risk has worsened with the pandemic. And solving problems in a "glocal" way. it's a value to us. We identify a global problem, innovate with exponential technology and deploy locally."


  • Volume of monitored variables

  • Focus correction speed and priorities


Scenario risks - short term

  • Global inflation

  • Consumer default

  • Low economic growth

  • Unemployment

  • Growing competition

Essential strategies

  • Market segmentation

  • Segment monitoring

  • Investments in behavior prediction

  • Greater accuracy in forecasts

  • Anticipation of signals

  • Automatic notification

  • Agility for granting credit

  • Creativity in new product development

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