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Geographic data expands market growth opportunities

Managing data on local and regional market characteristics, in the context of digital acceleration and greater global competition, enhances business intelligence and strongly impacts consolidation and expansion.

16% growth in one year and better results from the analysis of the characteristics of markets and their consumers. This was the positive balance of a Bangladeshi company, a global leader in food and beverage, with a wide variety of sub-brands. The secret of performance involved the strategic use of Geo Analytics and the efficient use of the resources made available by the digital transformation.

The executives of the business group were involved in the challenge of expanding and exploring the business in new geographic regions. In the planning process, there was a recognition that traditional prospecting and market research tools were insufficient given the complexity of the world economy.

The best solution was the adoption of geographic analyses, based on data analysis in order to get to know the reality more deeply.

Geo Analytics was adopted because it offers a new way of looking at sales, engagement and marketing data. In addition, there was a substantial change in the organization's culture, managers started to request this data to understand the operations in more depth. The organization no longer sees populations as uniform blocks of consumers living in certain regions. Seeing each region with more detail and particularity increasing the consumer experience. With the Geo Analytics modeling, it was discovered that a certain area did not perform well because access to the point of sale was not easy. The analysis allowed inferences about what was happening in terms of access to each region and the impact on the customer experience.

Trend: Data-driven analytics

The market adopts analysis tools and strategies based on location data as a resource capable of generating better results in market studies. The integration of technological tools recognizes the differences in demands and enables better segmentation and adaptation of existing products based on demographic data.

For marketing and sales teams, in particular, it enables safer decision-making and greater revenue generation.

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Geo Analytics offers, with data and technological resources, a much more comprehensive picture of potential customers by collecting and monitoring location data, from regions of cities to countries. The knowledge generated can be layered and manipulated to provide trends and identify unexpected patterns. Geolocation and other spatial information enable the expansion of corporate intelligence, providing new variables for actionable insights.

Discovery Marketing Analytics

DdF - Designers do Futuro offers Discovery Geo-analytics, a form of data visualization that contextualizes strategic information and reveals insights through geographic location.

Check out everything the feature can offer:

  • Discovering and distributing new visual opportunities for your sales

  • Geospatial segmentation

  • Geographic sales and marketing

  • Efficiently distributing the sales force by geography.

  • Actionable intelligence in real-world context

  • Channel optimization (sales force cost versus possibilities to achieve results).

  • Control the execution of sales routes for each salesperson.

  • Identifying where your real customers are

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