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How can segmentation increase sales?

Learn about the benefits of the segmentation through Data Science and Machine Learning, and the impact on sales.

The same pandemic that creates difficulties for the lives of companies and consumers, favors changes too. The crisis environment works as an accelerator of transformations. In the face of difficulties, new solutions and technologies, such as Big Data & Machine Learning, arrive as the game of the moment to increase sales and bring segmentation. This segmentation is the result of extracting customer journey data and can be done in numerous ways. Through it, it is possible to establish a story to understand, more precisely and closely, the needs of its customers. And the more these needs are met, the higher the sales grow.

So that we can better understand João, a customer. To understand his journey and all other customers, millions of data, it uses. And, even if we don't know João's name, we know him by "identifiable clues" left along the way in his journey, whether online or offline. Through segmentation, it is possible to better understand current behaviors and all customers. Data analysis systems using Machine Learning can anticipate customer behavior. It is possible to identify the profile of those customers who tend to stop buying (churn), who tend to pay more, generating greater profitability, great and loyal consumers, and even, the one that generates losses.


How a world leader in food and beverage grew 16% in one year through GEO segmentation.


A leading global food and beverage company in Bangladesh, with a variety of sub-brands, was looking to explore business expansion in other geographies.


Through Discovery AI*, an intelligent platform, developed by Designers do Futuro (DdF), it is possible to extract data, generate information and stories so that new and precise strategies on where the company should expand could be decided.


Using a proof-of-concept (PoC) approach, the data was modeled using a smaller sample to quickly validate and demonstrate the value of the information. The model allowed us to understand how agility is generated for the innovation of strategies when you have a tight budget and time constraint.


After the PoC, they discovered new geographic opportunities and implemented them on a large scale with the integration of all data and expanding markets.


7% cost reduction

Sales Growth 16%

Distribution Channel Efficiency increased 9%

The constantly changing customer

The certainties of the traditional analogue business are gone. Segmentation is increasingly essential to know the customer that is changing all the time and offer products and services that meet their needs. Even if consumers come back to stores, they are not the same. They are increasingly digital, have developed new values, are more demanding, informed and have experimented with new ways of buying. Companies have to understand this changing customer, their needs, values ​​and desires in order to offer new products, services and experiences that meet what they are looking for.

Data allied to data-coaching

As important as having good data and generating information is knowing how to look at the content, build stories and extract good questions to broaden your perspective. This is Data Coaching, a new concept aimed at instigating reflections in leaders and entrepreneurs, based on detailed and strategic business data. Data-coaching adds value to analytical systems (artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence) helping to design new strategies to increase revenue, decrease cost, and increase customer centricity.

The benefits of segmentation

  • Improves the evaluation of the performance of strategies

  • Contributes to improve the ability to redefine strategies

  • Aligns marketing strategies to business objectives

  • Increases customer knowledge

  • Converts structured data into strategic information and insights

  • Enables the identification and knowledge of business opportunities

  • Identifies and evaluates the results of customer strategies

  • Identify what works.

  • Anticipates customer behavior

  • More targeted sales, higher sales

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