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The arrogance wrecks digital transformation

If you are a small or medium-sized company, you usually don't have an accountant and a lawyer on your staff, do you? Why such? Because you recognize that they do a complex job, you trust these professionals and you know the value they bring. Being competent, they help in risk management, liability reduction, financial gains and reduction of tax and tribute payments.


In this moment of digital transformation, companies are starting to improvise too much in the analytics, BI, AI and ML journey. People who don't deeply understand neither data nor business. They are on boarded in company to try to do the magic of extracting the best out of data. A complex job that requires understanding the best of both worlds: business and data. A new job that goes far beyond the analysis of financial reports. Insights come from complex analysis of the intersection of YOUR business vision and YOUR data. To think that anyone can do it, it is like to be blind to the complexity of the work.

And part of the blame for this arrogance comes from analytics companies that are in the market. They propagate platforms in the almost "freemium" version saying that it is very easy "do it yourself"!!! They deliver some resources saying that a junior technician can structure every analysis operation (analytics). In a mixture of cost reduction attempts, improvisation "to see how it works", an arrogance of whom knows everything and can do everything, they forget that to have the best results it takes a lot of study and a lot of practice. This is called expertise!!! In the end, they end up getting discouraged, they don't see results because they don't know how to search properly, they don't know how to connect the dots and they can't really bring value and new and strategic possibilities to the organization. They end up getting discouraged on the way and staying behind, shipwrecked in the Digital Transformation.

And you, are you patching and improvising in your digital transformation or will you want to do it in a professional and accelerated way?

* Júlia Ramalho is passionate about people + analytics to grow.

She helps organizations solve complex problems and develop leadership. She has over 30 years working as a consultant and over 18 working as a coach. She has helped more than 1,200 executives develop people and grow their businesses. She is a Psychologist, Business Administrator and also Master on it, Executive Coach since 2005 at Estação do Saber-Coaching and Consulting, where she is a founder and partner. In 2013 she founded the International Federation of Coaching-Chapter Minas. From 2015 to 2017, she launched the Designers of the Future project to help raise awareness of people and organizations about the impact of new technologies on the world of work and on organizations, having given lectures throughout Brazil on the subject. From 2015 to 2021 as a coach and consultant for Ford in the CEM World Project (customer experience movement) she acquired more experience in CX- Customer experience and EX-Employe Experience and applied data to the coaching process. In 2021, together with Arian Saddam Hossain (Bangladesh), the DdF - Designers of the Future project materializes in a Glocal company specializing in new technologies such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain to bring growth to organizations.

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