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What/How/Why Technologies Are Changing the World and Business

By interrupting the flow of life in the world, the pandemic has accelerated the process of changes that were predicted for the next ten to twenty years. Changes are coming infinitely faster thanks to the combination of new capabilities that include artificial intelligence, big data, 5G speed internet of things, blockchain and quantum computing.

For individuals, smart personal assistants. Domestic robots, indoors, where there will be connection and communication infrastructure with the world. We will witness the disappearance of touch-based controls, as appliances begin to speak to us. In companies, new management models based on connectivity, remote work, integration of production chains with automation. In cities, traffic controlled by complex intelligence systems.

Governments monitored. Citizens, too. More elderly people, workers with new working relationships. Typical 21st century issues demanding new ethical and existential debates. Numerous signs proving that yes, there is no new industrial revolution. In reality, the world is living in the age of the digital society. From the moment of waking up to the moment of sleeping, we will be connected to the networks.

How does it change

One of the missions of Designers of the Future -- DdF -- is to spread and integrate a new business culture based on deep data analysis. What do Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, and Daka, the capital of Bangladesh, have in common? How can markets really integrate? What does the West actually know of the East and vice versa? Completely unknown markets and societies can be truly integrated into this second decade of the 21st century -- indeed, a Western reference.

The proof that globalization is more possible than ever is being demonstrated, in the pandemic scenario, by digital technologies. The conditions are already given by the available processing power and storage in big data infrastructures. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, high-speed internet and machine learning, among other accelerating resources, enable planetary integration like never before. And it expands access to in-depth knowledge of the markets in which it operates, both domestic and foreign.

One of the missions of Designers of the Future -- DdF -- is to spread and integrate a new business culture based on deep data analysis.

Develop the culture to differentiate your business. Bring living values ​​to generate a culture of engagement and growth.


Your strategy needs to be well-prepared to bridge the gap between where you and your business are and what digital transformation can do.

Data culture means the need to understand the need to promote real integration between tools and human competencies and skills. Break with the belief in the self-sufficiency of systems as resources for the development of analyses. Psychologist and business administrator, with extensive training and experience in coaching professionals, and creator of the Designers of the Future, Júlia Ramalho Pinto points out the proposal of the network of professionals to favor the choice of exponential technologies as a continuous process of analysis of the best technological solutions , suitable for customers.

We work as curators and innovators for you, so you can focus on delivering your strategy.
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