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What is Designers do Futuro?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

We promote the integration of skills of specialists in different areas, between science, technologies, human and social that, in our environment, talk and complement each other.

We solve complex problems that impact all sectors around the world in the consolidation scenario in this digital society. We do the digital and cultural transformation to grow business. This is the objective of Designers do Futuro, DdF, a company that was born large and glocal: we use exponential technology, strategy and specialists to growth business. Our "people + analytics to grow" solution implement the data-culture and accelerate growth.

Saddam Hossain Arian, engineer and data scientist, from Bangladesh, and Brazilian Júlia Ramalho, business administrator, coach and psychologist, are the minds behind the initiative. In times of disruptive change, the connection of DdF takes an important step towards offering new strategies that locally meet the global demands of organizations.

Structured in a networked ecosystem, the DdF form partnerships with important results to show. There are 45 years of experience of professionals with international operations, 45 business partners, 12 customers, 12 countries around the world.

In practice, we promote the integration of the skills of specialists in different areas, including science, technologies, human and social areas that, in our environment, complement each other in what is essential to face the business scenario of the coming years.

The combination of skills reinforces the concept that the services offered integrate people and analysis to enable the growth of customers.

“We are glocal. Our solutions are designed to solve many complex problems that all industries around the world are facing locally.”

As a global initiative, with local insertion, DdF, Designers of the Future, is structured in an ecosystem with an interdependent network of consultants and data-coaches to support the growth of clients' businesses. The offer of services covers the areas of implementation of “Analytics” and intelligent systems, through the Discovery platform. The Discovery Platform is an intelligent, integrated and innovative platform (AI, ML, BI, Blockchain) that brings possibilities to access opportunities for implementing digital transformation for organizations. The end-to-end solution increases revenues, lowers costs, increases customer centricity, brings traceability and improves efficiency. In addition to using fintech solutions such as credit scoring and delinquency forecasting.

The result is a continuous process of analyzing the best technological solutions. DdFs are dedicated to working as curators and innovators for clients so they can focus on developing their best strategies.

Unraveling the complexity

“Making the complex simple for customers and business partners” is the challenge of the DdF worldwide partner network. Complexity involves, for example, how to find the possibility to growth? Do you know who is your client? Can you prove the originality of your product? How can you brand differentiate in the market? Your operations is efficient enough to address customers segments? Can you see the difference on your customers segments and do you have a strategy to reach their needs? Do you know how to whom to give credit with low risk? Do you know which client will default? All of this problems can be addressed with our Discovery.

Organizations need intelligence capabilities to know their customers better, build trust with all audiences, and strengthen their brands. And there is also a need to develop a data culture, to understand the directions for business growth.

Ahead of the proposals to challenge the complexity of technological and human relationships, the Brazilian Júlia Ramalho offers her vast experience and the desire to help people and organizations solve their urgent demands.

Business administrator, coach and psychologist she now enters a new phase of her history with the internationalization of her activities in partnership with Saddam Hossain Arian, who assumes the position of CEO of the new company.

Designers of the Future, DdF, involves a passion for challenges, with the purpose of developing projects that enable the application of technologies in organizations around the world.

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