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Abstract Background

Case Studies

Our clients are diverse and global, with ambitions to change the world. We help them shine.


Case Study

NPL Prediction and Segmentation

Commercial Credit and Finance PLC, a large NBFI in Sri Lanka, needed to improve their credit risk analysis for their retail and SME credit solutions. Discovery AI Credit Intelligence predicts at 88% accuracy in NPL forecast. By using the prediction outputs to re-strategize their credit collection operations, they saw a 70% improvement in operational efficiency over a short period.

Case Study

Consórcio Intelligence

A Brazilian consortium faced a high number of defaulters in their long tail NPL problem. Discovery AI achieved an 88.32% accuracy in NPL prediction after 7 months of data readiness and AI modeling/training phase. Onboarding and CX-focused training are underway.


Case Study

Demand Forecast

Brazilian supermarket chain, Be Honest, has over 250 mini-markets with limited display capacity and a large portfolio of almost 2,000 products. Discovery AI collected sales and inventory data for 22 months and developed forecasting models to predict demand for the top 100 products in each mini-market. The models achieved 85% to 95% accuracy in retrospectively testing, helping Be Honest ensure the availability of desired products and improve stock operations. Sales to a given mini-market are expected to grow by at least 30% year-on-year.

Case Study

Increase Sales and Winback Customers

Capapreta, a Brazilian beer company, was facing a decline in revenue and customers after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. To increase sales and win back customers, Discovery AI applied customer profiling, segmentation, and recommendation techniques to both the B2C and B2B segments. By analyzing customer data, they identified the most profitable customer segments and developed targeted marketing strategies to reach them. Capapreta saw significant improvements in their targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in an expected increase in revenue and customer engagement.


Case Study

Reviving Grape People

Grape People, an online wine eCommerce in UK, faced challenges in acquisition and retention after launching in May 2021. DdF conducted a diagnosis using available data and recommended solutions including identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), optimizing continuous targeting in digital marketing, and implementing recommender systems.

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