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Discovery People Solutions


We help you go beyond the technology and address your people as part of the solution as well.

Our Other


Data Science Training

we offer training to learn data science through the python programming language. This skill-based training is intended for learners who have a basic python or programming background and want to improve more. We can help you develop your inside data science team to go to another level of knowledge and development.


DSBP - Data Science Business Partner

If you want to have a continuous work to keep your data clean, ready and develop new solutions to solve your problems, we offer an annual contract to help you in your day to day maintenance and development for your necessities.


Coaching & Mentoring

Data itself don’t change results. We help develop your leaders and teams to better take actions using data. Also we can coach and train the Data Science leader in technical and leadership skills to deal with team as well.


Data Readiness

If client’s data is not ready to apply advance technologies we can mentor and also do the job. We support clients’ needs to go further and accelerate their Digital Transformation. We can be your DSBP - Data Science Business Partner.


Clarify Needs

We can deliver or bring our partners to go deeper to identify a business problem or implement innovation implementing solutions for analytics or intelligent process. We can apply Design thinking, Agile, Design Sprints and others.



Training Leadership & team for 4th revolution

The leader now is not what it used to be. They have to change thr mindset to be flexible and emotional agile. Be more client, data, people (healthy) & results oriented. We know how to do it!

By leveraging the power of People+Analytics, organizations can foster a culture of value driven behavior that not only increases employee experience (EX) but also enhances customer experience (CX). Investing in people solutions is key to unlocking the full potential of any organization, as it creates a virtuous cycle of growth where employees are empowered to deliver exceptional value, leading to greater customer loyalty and ultimately, business success.

Júlia Ramalho

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