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Alina Politic

Managing Partner, Romania

Alina Politic is a Business Excellence Senior Advisor, a highly successful individual with a professional attitude, system thinking, and customer centric approach to success.

Her career began more than 20 years ago when she discovered she has a natural talent for identifying business opportunities and converting them into sustainable growth and development. Furthermore, her credibility, warmth and product knowledge ensure a high return of investment.

She can generate synergy and cohesion through sustained, coordinated and total commitment. Her aim is to provide companies with a competitive advantage and her operational excellence initiatives help business leaders make better decisions and employees prove continuous improvement.

Owning a unique skill set from 20+ years of international experience in multiple environments, Alina can support Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers to quickly identify improvement opportunities within their current business and then implement plans for accelerating growth and improving profitability.

Areas of expertise: General Management, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development, Growth Strategy, Project Management, Project Planning, Budget Management, People Management, Financial Modelling, Integration Planning, Transformation and Improvement Project Management.

+40 768 851 425

Alina Politic
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