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Esteban Josué Retana Argüello

Business Dev. Partner, Costa Rica

Esteban is a professional committed to sustainability and responsible management of natural resources. He has an academic background in forestry engineering and am currently pursuing a degree in political science and public administration.

He has skills in the planning and management of sustainability projects, as well as in the implementation of environmental and social management systems. In addition, he has taken part in ecosystem restoration projects and in the promotion of nature-based solutions for sustainable development. He considers himself a proactive, analytical and results-oriented person, with skills to lead teams and make strategic decisions. Also, he is in an educational journey on business sciences, and business management. Continuing with his educational background he is well versed in information technology, mostly in Data Science, Cloud Services & infrastructure.

His artistic passion is music and he is a composer in his free time, He also loves spending time with family and loved ones.

Esteban Josué Retana Argüello
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