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Discovery Chain Services

Product Story Telling

Product storytelling builds emotional connections with customers by sharing a product's story. Discovery Chain is a traceability platform that tracks products from raw materials to the finished product, improving the customer experience and building authenticity and trust. It brings the product story to life and strengthens relationships with customers.

Carbon Dashboard

Discovery Chain's carbon dashboard, part of its traceability platform, provides businesses with a report on total carbon emissions, traceability of their carbon footprint, and recommendations to reduce carbon emissions. This tool helps businesses identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact, improve sustainability, and build trust with customers.

"Farm-to-Table" Traceability

Discovery Chain is a blockchain-based traceability platform that enables farm-to-table traceability, allowing consumers to track their food products from the farm to their table. It improves the customer experience, builds authenticity and trust in the brand, and strengthens relationships with customers.

Supply Chain Traceability

Discovery Chain's supply chain traceability service provides businesses with complete visibility into their supply chain, enabling them to track their products' journey from production to distribution. This improves efficiency, reduces waste, and enables quick response to potential safety issues with the recall management feature

Consumer Engagement & CX

Discovery Chain's blockchain-based traceability platform improves customer engagement and experience by providing transparency in the supply chain and engaging with customers through feedback and campaigns. This builds trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased revenue and a stronger brand reputation.

Data Authenticity

Discovery Chain's data authenticity service stores data on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and security. By guaranteeing data immutability and accuracy, businesses can improve confidence in their data, leading to better decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger brand reputation.


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