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Discovery AI Services

Discovery AI is a data science platform offered by DdF that provides businesses with AI-powered solutions for their marketing and customer engagement needs. It offers various features such as strategic business analytics, customer insights, churn prediction, demand forecasting, recommender systems, and social intelligence to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies and improve their customer experiences. Additionally, Discovery AI places a strong emphasis on AI ethics to ensure that businesses operate ethically and responsibly.

Strategic Business Analytics 

Strategic Business Analytics is a Discovery AI service that helps improve customer experience by providing key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards for better decision-making.

Customer Insights

Discover AI's Customer Insights is a service that provides businesses with customer profiling, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), segmentation, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analytics to help improve their customer experience (CX).

Churn Prediction and Retention

Discovery AI's Churn Prediction and Retention is a service that utilizes AI to predict churn, uplift modeling, and improve customer retention, ultimately enhancing the overall CX.

Demand Forecasting

Discovery AI offers Demand Forecasting as a service, providing SKU-wise, national, regional, and client/retail level forecasting to improve CX.

Consórcio Intelligence

Discovery AI's Consórcio Intelligence is a service that uses alternative credit worthiness and payment defaulter prediction ahead of time to improve customer experience, optimize collection operations, and increase revenue in Consórcio businesses in Brazil.

Statistical Modeling

Discovery AI service for Statistical Modeling provides exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing to improve data analysis and decision making.

Insurance Intelligence

Discovery AI offers an AI service for the insurance industry called "Insurance Intelligence." This service includes segmentation, retention, and recommender systems, which improve customer experience, revenue, and retention.

Credit Intelligence

Discovery AI's Credit Intelligence service leverages alternative data to predict credit worthiness and identify potential credit repayment defaulters in advance. This service enhances CX and credit collection operations.

Data Coaching

Discovery AI offers Data Coaching to develop leadership and team skills in taking actions based on data. We also provide technical and leadership training for Data Science leaders to effectively manage their teams.

Recommender Systems

Discovery AI offers a Recommender System service that utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations, Next Best Action (NBA), and Next Best Offer (NBO) to improve customer experience (CX).

Social Intelligence 

Discovery AI's Social Intelligence service uses Target Group (TG) optimization, sentiment and emotion analysis to improve customer experience.

People Analytics

Discovery AI's People Analytics service utilizes AI to predict attrition, analyze performance, and assess diversity, ultimately improving employee experience (EX).


Data Science Managed Services

Data Science Managed Service offers cost-effective solutions for companies by taking care of their Business Analytics, Data Science, and AI works, saving at least 50% of their existing costs. It offers faster delivery and the ability to start right away, improving overall cost efficiency.

Health Intelligence

DdF offers "Health Intelligence," an AI service that improves customer experience, revenue, and retention for healthcare businesses through advanced data analysis and insights.

Discovery AI

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Arian Saddam Hossain, CEO and Co-founder, DdF

"AI is not just a technology, it's a mindset. It has the power to transform the way we do and think about business, from how we make decisions to how we engage with our customers."
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